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Israel Power Cord 3 pin

Israel Power Cord 3 pin

  • Approval: SII
  • Current rating: 16A
  • Current voltage: 250V
  • Number of Poles and Wires: 3 poles, 3 wires
  • Standard: SI-32
  • Environmental Certifications: RoHS, REACH, PAHS
  • Quality System: ISO9001:2008
  • MOQ: 1000pcs
  • Samples: Free
  • Cable End Termination Options: Any End Available
  • Packing: Standard Carton
  • Color: Any Color Available
  • Outer Mold Material: PVC
  • Blade Material: Nickel coated Brass


三芯以色列电源线插头 标准: 以色列SI-32标准 SII 认证三芯电源插头 2) 配线 H03VV-F 3x0.5-0.75mm2 H05RR-F 3x0.75-1.0mm2 H05RN-F 3x0.75-1.0mm2 H07RN-F 3X1.0-1.5mm2

Power Cord temperature: temperature 70 Degree - 200 Degree, low temperature -30 Degree
Power Cord Scope of use: Air Conditioners, Fridge, Washing Machines, Rice Cookers, Induction Cooker, Electric Fans, Electric Irons, Microwave Ovens, Computers, Laptops, Water pumps, Lamps, Various chargers and other small household appliances, electric tools and industrial use electrical equipment.

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All Power Cord with RoHS, Reach, PAHS Test Report.