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A powerful factory for power cord plugs, a large-scale power cord manufacturer that integrates research and developing, production, processing, and customized!

Power Cord, Plug Safety Certified:

  • American UL Power Cord
  • Canada CSA Power Cord
  • Europe VDE Power Cord
  • UK ASTA Power Cord
  • Brazil INMETRO Power Cord
  • Argentina IRAM Power Cord
  • Saudi Arabia SASO Power Cord
  • Italy IMQ Power Cord
  • Korea KC Power Cord
  • Russia EAC Power Cord
  • Singapore PSB Power Cord
  • Franch NF Power Cord
  • Japan PSE Power Cord
  • Australia SAA Power Cord
  • South Africa SABS Power Cord
  • Switzerland SEV Power Cord
  • Israel SII Power Cord
  • Thailand TISI Power Cord
  • Indonesia SNI Power Cord
  • India BIS Power Cord
  • The Netherlands KEMA Power Cord
  • Denmark DEMKO Power Cord
  • Finland FIMKO Power Cord
  • Norway NEMKO Power Cord
  • Sweden SEMKO Power Cord
  • Austria OVE Power Cord
  • Belgium CEBEC Power Cord


High quality power cord plugs supplier

Chengbang Electronics specializing to producing safety certified power cord, plugs, rubber cables, sockets, wire harness, connector, plastic parts, copper parts, and etc for various countries.

Our company adheres to the quality policy of "integrity service and reputation for customers", based in China and facing the world, with best-selling products in countries and regions such as Europe, America, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and etc. ChengBang Electronic provides high-quality power cord plugs and wiring harness for various household appliances such as cars, computers, laptops, TV, cookers, kettles, electric tools, refrigerators, fans, air conditioners, ovens, washing machines, microwaves, electric ironing, water pumps, lighting, heaters, kitchen equipment, etc., for many world-renowned company.

Focus on countries around the world

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For power cord plug, we are professional!

What We Do

Power Cord Manufacturer

Supplier of power cords: Also named power cable with plug. They are produced by ChengBang Electronics, a high-quality manufacturer of AC power cord plugs in China. We have most of the standard specifications for power cords, and you can easily see our advantages in terms of prices and high-quality request for power cord plug cables etc.

The highest quality

Our promite to the quality of power cord is comprehensive and genuine! Not just meeting customer requirements. Truly achieve the full utilization of the quality system And regularly calibrate and review testing procedures, standards, and equipment.

Excellence in customized for OEM power cords

ChengBang Electronics also specializes in customizing OEM power cords, plugs, connectors, wire harness, S/R, sockets, and other special request for customers. We can developing open any new mold tooling according the samples and based drawings. It can effectively avoid the uniqueness of Power Cord plugs to meet the OEM power cord plug requirements of various electronic appliances flexibly. We have the ability to apply for new safety certificates and environmental reports for new OEM products.

Power Cord Substances Compliance

All power cord have conform to RoHS, REACH, and PAHS environmental report certificates.