About US - ChengBang Electronics

Chengbang Electronics is located in Yuyao, Ningbo City, specializing in the production of certified power cables, rubber cables, plugs, sockets, wire harnesses, connecting wires, plastic parts, copper parts, cable trays and other products from various countries.

Our company actively adopts national and international standards organizations for production, and the power cord plugs have obtained safety certifications from various countries around the world. Our products include American UL/UL power cord plugs, European VDE/TUV power cord plugs, Italian IMQ power cord plugs, Argentina IRAM power cord plugs, Netherlands KEMA power cord plugs, UK ASTA (BS 1363) power cord plugs, Australia SAA power cord plugs, and Japan PSE power cord plugs, Korea KC power cord plug, Brazil INMETRO power cord plug, France NF power cord plug, Israel SII power cord plug, Switzerland SEV power cord plug, Denmark DEMKO power cord plug, South Africa SABS power cord plug, Russia EAC power cord plug, Singapore PSB power cord plug, and so on.

The company adheres to the quality policy of "integrity service and reputation for customers", based in China and facing the world, with products selling well in countries and regions such as Europe, America, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and South Africa. Cheng Bang Electronic Technology provides high-quality power cord plugs and wiring harnesses for various household appliances such as cars, televisions, rice cookers, electric kettles, computers, power tools, refrigerators, fans, air conditioners, ovens, washing machines, microwaves, electric irons, laptops, water pumps, lighting fixtures, induction cookers, electric heaters, air heaters, kitchen equipment, and many other well-known enterprises worldwide.

For a long time, we have adhered to the philosophy and philosophy behind the Chengbang brand. We emphasize the importance of "people" and unleash the team collaboration creativity of our employees, which will bring us endless competitive advantages. Every employee of Chengbang is the key to our success, and it is their unremitting efforts that make Chengbang unique and become an increasingly eye-catching advanced enterprise in the industry. We constantly innovate, improve, and challenge ourselves. All our innovations provide a solid guarantee for us to maintain our advantageous position in the industry, while also maintaining Cheng Bangneng's continuous development momentum.

We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to come to the company for inspection and business negotiations. We hope to develop together and create brilliance together!

A powerful factory for power cord plugs, a large-scale power cord manufacturer that integrates research and developing, production, processing, and customized!