HHFF, Rubber Insulated Flat Flexible Power Cables

Japan PSE Rubber Insulated Flat Flexible Power Cords
Fully conforms to the JIS C 3301 standards and RoHS, REACH and PAHS compliant. Quality is stable and reliable!

  • Rating / Voltage: 300V
  • No. of Cores: 2 cores
  • Temperature: 75°C
  • Standard: JIS C 3301
  • Approvals: PSE Certified
Cord / Cables Type Gauge/Sq.mm
HHFF 2x0.75mm², 2x1.25mm², 2x2.0mm²


  • Label
  • Standard:
    JIS C 3301
  • Approvals (Certified):
  • Electrical Voltage:
  • Temperature:
  • No. of Cores:
    2 cores
  • Outer Jacket Material:
  • Copper Conductor Material:
    Oxygen free Copper (OFCU)
  • Country of Origin:
    Made In China
  • Color:
    Black/White is normal, but any color available
  • Length:
    Any length available
  • Environmental Certifications:
  • Testing:
    Hi-Pot (Dielectric Withstanding Voltage), Polarity (pinout) and Continuity
  • Samples:

Available Wire Styles:

Cord / Cables Type Gauge/Sq.mm
HHFF 2x0.75mm², 2x1.25mm², 2x2.0mm²

HHFF, Rubber Insulated Flat Flexible Power Cables Details


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  • Samples: Free.
  • Wire Core: Oxygen free pure copper.
  • Outer Jacket Material: PVC, Rubber, Halogen-Free, Textile braid.
  • Packing: Standard Export Carton.
  • Shipment: LCL, Container, Sea and Air Transport.

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